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  • Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'm a new owner, long-time fantasist - I just completed a Ballistic Orange Seven 480 SV (although with characteristic branding cluelessness, the factory sent Euro-spec 485S badges in the kit).

    <<Imagine great Cat pic here. No matter how I play with the images - size, format, any bloody thing - I can't get a pic to stick>>

    I had a blast putting it together, even with the many frustrations of kit shorts and errors, and manual inconsistencies. Still, they'll get all that down when they've been in business a few years....wait, what? Am always up for new intros, blat proposals, and fan chitchat. I'm mostly a taker at this point being a newb, but I plan to pay back as I get the hang of things.

    2016 Seven 480 SV in Ballistic Orange