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  • Hey.

    I got the supercharger from Focus Central. We never dynoed it, but estimated that we, at 10psi, got about 220 hp at the crank, up from the original 175hp.
    The system fitted in my SV. Some modifications would to have to be done to the install in order to get it into a regular body.

    There were two issues. First, a lack of intercooler meant that intake air temp hit 75C in hot weather. This is the point where the power drops off due to the lower oxygen level. We left 10-15hp on the table due to this.
    Second, the system weight 40 lbs due to a cast intake manifold and the eaton MP45 itself. At sharp turn ins there was as a hesitation and some sluggishness.

    While I was, overall, happy with the SC setup, I finally decided to moved on and built myself a Cosworth CSR 260 engine.

    Would I recommend an SC on the Caterham? Yes, if it was light and had an intercooler.

    Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

    /Magnus F.