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  • Registration

    I still intend to update the registration section based on my experience registering my Seven beginning on January 2nd of 2007, but I still don't have the goldang car yet AAAAARGH!!!

    Okay, I feel a little better now.
    - Sean

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    That will be $32,500 in psychiatric fees please.


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      The good news - I have been told that my chassis is almost complete and that it should ship sometime next week.

      The bad news - I was told that in late June.

      Yeah, yeah, I know...
      Good things come to those who wait.
      Patience is a virtue.
      Don't count your chickens until you've got two in the bush.
      But it ain't easy being patient at this point...
      - Sean


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        If it is of any comfort:

        After waiting for two months for my vendor, who-shall-be-unnamed-but-you-can-find-them-elsewhere-on-the-forum, to ship my primaries and collector, I gave up and ordered the same parts from Caterham.
        52 hours later I had them at my door.

        Right now I am scratching my head on how to fit a 6" x 19" 2 gallon oil tank into the car.

        /Magnus F.


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          The way I got my dry sump tank to fit properly was to chop down the passenger foot box by about 6 inches then mount the in front of the footbox.

          Scott K


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            Originally posted by magnusfeuer
            Right now I am scratching my head on how to fit a 6" x 19" 2 gallon oil tank into the car.
            My calculations put the capacity of that tank at 9.2 quarts or about .31 cu. ft. At 54 lb. / cubic foot you're looking at about 18 lbs. of oil. Add the weight of all the hardware and...

            Presto - you've got a Zetec:D

            P.S.: why is this topic (or what was once this topic) - registration - in the Wiki zone?
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              I had intended to update the registration part of the Wiki to bring it more up to date, once I had actually gone through it myself. However, until I receive my chassis, I cannot move forward in my registration process, so I cannot update the Wiki as I told Magnus I would - back in late November 2006!
              Last edited by Sean-og; August 24, 2007, 12:41 PM.
              - Sean


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                registration document updated

                I updated some points in the wiki-registration document today, in case anybody is considering SB100-ing this year. Rather than delete and/or replace any of the original text, I just added indented paragraphs with "UPDATE:" at the beginning, and my name and today's date as the author at the end of each insertion.
                - Sean