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Caterham Fuel Pump Replacement

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  • Caterham Fuel Pump Replacement

    Both Clark Taylor and I bought our cars at about the same time and we have both had to replace the stock fuel pump in the last few months.

    You can remove the fuel tank WITHOUT removing the (stock) roll bar. (now he tells me says Clark).

    Photos at this LINK

    This applies only to the stock fuel tank and stock fuel pump from a standard Caterham 7, circa 2000-2002 or so. Perhaps others but YMMV. I don't know about the SV.

    1. disconnect battery, the lawyers made me say that, or they would have if I asked.
    2. remove fuel filler and all the hoses. Best if the tank is EMPTY or near so.
    3. The hard part is removing the honeycomb. It can be done. See the photos 1 to 5. You must get the angle of the honeycomb just right and it comes out easily. It takes a bit of fiddling. If you car is painted maybe cover the paint with tape, not too much as the clearance is minimal.
    4. disconnect all the wires and hoses from the tank. Note where they come from and go to. Take photos. Clark said he had a wire mounted under the honeycomb, I did not so check your own.
    5. Don't forget the return line on the left side of the tank.
    6. Remove the nuts from the long mounting bolts that hold the tank and strap down. Remove the bolts and strap.
    7. You can then move the tank around and pull it out.
    8. Remove the flange screws and try not to damage the rubber gasket. You can buy new ones from Caterham but mine was fine to reuse. The same with the fiber washers around the screws. See photo 9.
    9. Note the banjo bolt crush washers. Replace these or they will leak. I have package of about 20 and will mail two to anyone in need, as long as they last, and........ if I can remember where I put them. See photo 11.
    10. I cleaned off the weather stripping on the mounting straps in the car and replaced it with 1" wide closed cell foam strip with pressure sensitive adhesive, (PSA). McMaster Carr has it. I think 1/8" or so thick.

    Don't forget to put the honeycomb back in before you reinstall the filler neck to test for leaks......

    Clark and I bought the replacement fuel pump from Beachman Racing. This doesn't come with a gasket so if you think you need one order it from Caterham ahead of time.

    Feel free to call or email with questions.

    [email protected]
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    Hi Doug,
    I finally got my fuel pump adapter sealed. No more fuel leaks! We're back in action and enjoying every road trip - between the rain drops, that is.

    Bruce Beachman sold me a CSR-260 fuel pump to replace the failing pump (about 15-16psi output) that was in my car. I don't know if the extra fuel pressure/flow performance really made a difference, but I don't ever remember my car running this strong before.


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      Stock fuel pressure for the Zetec with fuel injection is 43 psi.
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