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Leak down tester

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  • Leak down tester

    Anyone have one that I can borrow for a day? Looking for a bent valve.
    Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec

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    I have one, a Harbor Freight Special. They might be cheaper to buy than ship around.

    Where are you located?


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      I'm near LAX. Not too far a drive from NP. Still wrestling with whether or not to pull the engine out. Decided to sleep on it first.
      Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec


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        While you have it running, did you ever check the AFR? If so, is it within reason? ITB balanced? ECU crank timing calibrated? TPS response normal (not reverse and steady rising) and ECU calibrated for TPS? Fuel pressure on target and stable? Do all injectors actually squirt?
        Sorry if I am asking the obvious...another problem that I saw on one engine (forgot who's it was) the throttle bodies had vacuum nipples on the underside that lost their caps.
        I doubt it is a bent valve with the compression values you mentioned in another post. I had much worse pitted valve leakage on my old engine and it idled o.k.


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          Prabjohn's car was missing one of the setscrews or nibbles that were underneath the intake causing a fairly large leak and lean miss. The TB mfg cleverly put them in the most difficult to see and reach area possible.