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Where to get new non heated glass for s3 windscreen in the OC/LA?

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  • Where to get new non heated glass for s3 windscreen in the OC/LA?

    I'm looking for a place that can cut me a new glass screen for my s3 windscreen. I've read in the forums about someone having a place cut a new piece of glass for them for like $100 but I can't seem to find the post. I have a few small cracks in my heated screen but I just want to replace it with a regular screen. TIA

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    I had that made for myself and Stan at Industrial Glass in East LA. Very family run business and not the most organized outfit.

    They used my original pitted screen as a template and that worked quite well. As it happened, they dropped my template screen (were a bit embarrassed) and gave me another new cut as replacement. So I can not complain about customer service.
    That was maybe 8 years ago, though.


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      You should be able to go to any large auto glass place.

      It must be the laminated type with the etched ID, the glass place will know.

      I run Brooklands and have my original heated screen stored in a safe place. If I ever want a full screen again I'll have one made as the heated ones are big bucks and not needed in So. Cal.