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Wrecked Birkin in Sacramento

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  • Wrecked Birkin in Sacramento

    Does anyone know the story behind this wrecked birkin. Turned up in a salvage auction after
    being written off.

    I think it was this car:

    Sad end to what looked like a nice car, hope no one was hurt. Looks as if the Tillet seats and sequential box along with the electronic dash have been removed.

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    The Duratec might be of some value. As for the rest...

    Agreed - obviously a MAJOR accident. Hope the occupant(s) survived.
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      Looks like a rollover on grass, if I got to speculate. Not good with the low roll bar. But still amazing how such a tube frame holds together. At least the cockpit stayed in shape but I don't want to know what happens to flailing arms or heads in such a case.


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        I'm thinking it's a T-bone on the passenger side....

        There are some small differences from the TX car, but more similarities.

        IF this is the TX car the buyer seems to have gotten a great deal on a built Duratec!

        Wondering where the induction system has gone?


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          Just read on the Birkinowners' forum that this happened last November when the driver had the choice between a deer and oncoming traffic. Subsequently he lost control and rolled a few times off road, hitting a barrier. At least he walked away with minor shoulder injuries (from his racing harness).


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            Looks like it has a quaife transmission....that ought to be worth something!
            Tom "ELV15" Jones


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              The way the engine is sitting it looked like the block and transmission could be busted.

              If intact someone got a bargain Otherwise they overpaid.