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  • Replace FC with a 7

    I have raced FC for years both in the East and West and have a lot of time under many differant cars, MGs, Morgans, Austins, Porsches, even a few Jags. I'm finally going to get serious about sending the VanDieman down the road and replacing it with a 7 of some type. I will drive it primarily between Phoenix where I live, through a couple of great twisty canyons to a wonderful spot in the White Mountains. I have a lot of FC engines and spare parts and think I might like to find a kit that never made it to completion and put one of my FC motors in with a little more carberation and cam, maybe DCOEs etc. Is this crazy thinking? I'm in AZ so I do need to be sensative to cooling, one Morgan that doesn't cool well is all of the challenges of that type I want.

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    FC is basically the OHC Pinto engine, right? If so, it's been done. I suspect you will need a hood bulge. has a little info on the 2.0l and 2.3l in 7esque cars. I have seen pictures of a few, but they seem to have disappeared from the net.

    Here's one in the uk: