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  • Help-Considering a Seven-Question

    I have never owned a Seven but am ready to pull the trigger. I have recently found this listing. I need some help sorting out a current listing.
    Sale is listed at

    Does this price look right?
    What questions should I be asking the seller?

    Any other East coast sales that you are aware of?



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    I think I saw this car at the Hellertown PA classic car show 2 years or so back. It was immaculately turned out and clearly well maintained if it is the same car I think it is.

    Price is probably on the upper higher end of what is out there on the east coast for a classic-sized Caterham (i.e. not SV) but you could rationalize it given the spec and condition quality. I would compare with others for sale to get a better gauge on price.

    Not sure if you really want an east coast car if you live in CA? It may be better to look in CA if you wish to own a CA-registered Seven. If you do want to compare the market pricing for Sevens then you could also try the USA7s for sale page

    or Lotus of New York (Loony) for sale:

    Both of these pages will give you some ranges for what to expect for specs/pricing.
    Caterham Seven CSR Cosworth Superlight


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      Thanks to Croc

      Thank you for reply. I am an East Coaster, so really not looking for a CA car. Appreciate you reply and help.



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        There are also Sevens beyond Caterhams that you should consider. Birkins are great cars and good value for money and Dick Brink is very helpful and a nice guy to boot:

        Super Stalkers and Ultralites are also very capable cars and worth considering.

        On the east coast your choice of car will be dictated a lot by the individual state rules for registering it (e.g. NJ or MA).
        Caterham Seven CSR Cosworth Superlight