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What websites do you prefer to shop at?

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  • What websites do you prefer to shop at?

    So where do you guys shop for a new long block?
    For a used engine?
    For all the internals you would replace on said engine?
    How about for higher performance parts, cranks, cams etc?

    And lastly what kind of money is reasonable for a 2.0L or 2.3L long block? Nothing crazy, just for the first engine I would run.

    Thanks from the newest newbie!

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    Also is there a Colorado Caterham forum or Seven forum?


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      Forum for those who appreciate cars inspired by Colin Chapman's brilliant Lotus 7

      I got my most recent engine at a junkya..., er, recycler. $750.00, but only because I wanted a low mileage engine. I just switched all the good bits from the 1st to the 2nd. Performance was unchanged.

      I reckon Doug will be along fairly soon w/ the URLs for other sources.
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        Definitely check out There are a few CO se7en owners who are regulars there.

        Here are some sites of folks who make/sell performance and installation parts:


        How much power are you hoping to make? The first three sites above do a decent job explaining what is required to reach different power levels. Depending on the number and which Duratec you start with, you may find that the stock internals are fine.

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          This is a website that searchs many different junkyards for whatever you are looking for.

          Check ebay for crate motors. These are factory new engines. The prices generally aren't too bad and you'll know what your're getting.

          The Ford factory service manual for Duratecs says 'replace engine' for any major repair. Not that they cannot be fixed it's just cheaper than doing all the labor.

          Some auto parts or performance auto parts stores can get factory crate motors.
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            WONDERFUL!! thanks guys

            I want to get an idea of what the engine will cost me. Along with all the added goodies in the engine compartment I will no doubt want once I really start building things.

            Just tryin to get a grasp on the money side of things befoe I get too exited and wrapped up in one of these cars. I tend to go all out, so I'm trying this new thing called self control. Its a new concept for me :-)