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Straight NA engine, or can do????

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  • Straight NA engine, or can do????

    I am very intrigued by these machines, having only recently started my-self education. Thus far my knowledge is extremely limited, however it seems this forum will do wonders helping me get a grasp all things Caterham!!

    My first question:
    Are there any tried and true turbo/supercharger setups that work well with the Duratec?....or.... is such a setup even reasonable? If reasonable, yet no packages are available on the retail market for such application, is there room in the engine compartment for me to do a custom built setup myself?

    I want to know what I can squeeze out of this little power plant.
    Any input from everyone is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

    Also are there very many used engine that can be had on the cheap? Would be interested in having multiple setups to play with, but this would only happen if I could find engines that are tired but I could go through and breath new life into in.

    Again thanks for the help!!!!!

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    I'll have a go at it.

    I supercharged my old Zetec in my SV chassis with no modifications needed. I could have turbocharged it, but the exhaust manifold exits left on the Zetec and runs very close to the steering column. The Duratec has its exhaust ports on the right side and can probably host a turbo with a bit of plumbing.

    I haven't seen a Turbo-setup apart from the MazdaSpeed 3, which is a very nice OEM package.

    The problem I had with the supercharger was that the extra weight was very noticable at turn in since it took more time to swing the nose around. Also the (less-than-turbo) lag did require some planning when exiting corners.

    I now run a 252HP NA 2.3L Duratec and love it. Tons of torque and extremely responsive. It also weighs in approx 40 lbs less than my old setup.

    My personal opinion is that Sevens should be naturally aspirated. It's a very direct car and should be matched by a very direct engine, something a turbo will never be.

    /Magnus F.


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      Thanks for the input! So Magnus, why the HP difference from your 2.3L 252HP Duratec? Everything I'm reading is saying the 2.3L duratec should have 263HP.

      Are we comparing BHP to RWHP or something to that affect?


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        My engine is CSR spec, with the exception that I have Jenvey throttle bodies instead of the Cosworth roller barrel variety.

        The reason for the power difference is due to the 91 octane California gas.

        The CSR260 engine is rated with UK gas, which is 98 octane RON or 93-94 octane AKI (the U.S. unit of measurement). The lower octane over here forced me to retard the ignition to avoid knocking, meaning a loss of power.

        /Magnus F.


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          I agree with with Magnus on the NA point for these cars. If you really want to go "over the top" you might try to find one of the Duratecs formerly used in the Formula Atlantic series rated at 320 HP. That should be about enough to keep you entertained for a little while in a properly light 7.