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    Hi guys.

    I have an ambition to be a professional Le Mans racing driver, and I'm about ready to move out of karting and get into some cars. I've been karting at the Jim Russell school at Infineon for the past 2 years.

    My plan is to get a couple of years of "under the radar" racing experience in full size cars, since I'm starting so late (20 now) I need a low profile, relatively cheap way to build my skills.

    One of a number of options, I'm wondering if there are any Caterham/Seven racing series' on the west coast. I looked on a few sites and found some old links that weren't active any more. I think a Caterham would be a good car to develop myself on, but I've never heard of any racing series on the west coast.


    Chump to Champ, an aspiring racing driver's blog

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    To the best of my knowledge there aren't enough Sevens racing on the West Coast to recommend them for a starting place. is one route if you have the budget. They may not be the type of cars you are looking for but can lead to better opportunities.


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      The other options I'm looking at are Formula Mazda (old cars), Formula Vee/Super Vee, Spec Racer Ford and Skip Barber regional, as these cars as fast as I can afford right now really, and under the radar.

      Like I said, I'm not looking for attention right now. 2010 is largely going to be dictated by budget, as the business that is supposed to fund my racing has yet to bear enough fruit. Realistically I probably have less than 30,000 for 2010, and that wouldn't even pay for half a season in Pac F2000. I'd just like to know if there are any Caterham racing series' out here.

      Chump to Champ, an aspiring racing driver's blog


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        No Caterham racing series that I know of. An attempt was made to get some interest a few years ago. Only a few have the budget.


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          Oh well, that's too bad. I quite like the look of Caterhams, and I hear the Academy program in the UK is stellar.

          Thanks for the help.

          Chump to Champ, an aspiring racing driver's blog