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  • ...Thinking...

    Saw a Caterham on Ebay recently. It didn't reach its reserve, but sounded like a good one... and I started thnking... I really NEED one of those!!! I just fnished restoring a Jensen Healey and am frankly bored with it.

    The car... oops, sorry... the 7 was a '93 (regstered as a '65) with a Kent crossflow 1600, RH drive, in Berkeley. Anyone know of this one?

    My main question is, havng never driven a 7, will I fit at 6'4" and 225?

    Any thoughts?

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    Depends on the car. Caterham started making a "long cockpit" in the 80's. Anything before and you'll be able to get in but not drive.

    It also depends on the seats, some allowing more room than others.

    But generally, yes, you'll fit. I'm 6;-3 1/2" and 200, Stan is about your size (maybe a little taller) and there's lots of Englishmen that are tall and 7 owners.
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      The best thing to do is try on as many as you can to see if they fit. If you look at the thread below this one, Paul came out to one of our blats and and actually drove a few cars. He subsequently made a purchase.

      There are things you can do to make the car more comfortable, such as putting in different seats, lowering the floor, modifying the pedals, etc. At your size, you probably would be more comfortable in the Caterham SV which has a few extra inches.

      Where are you located?

      (I'm 6' 3" and 180 pounds, fit nicely in my Birkin)


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        I am in Topanga Canyon.

        Has anyone put a Lotus 907 or 912 in a Caterham? It seems like it would be an obvious choice, but the only Lotus engine used in them seems to be the "Big Valve" twin cam.



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          The 907 and 912 are 'slant' four engines. They look like a V-8 with one bank of cylinders lopped off. Looking at my Seven with a 2.3 Duratec and the '77 Esprit, with a 907, that I hope to begin restoring... I don't think a 907 or 912 would fit. My 2/100's.


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            Duratec is the best alternative at this time: an oversquare 16 valve aluminum block!!!

            Wish I had one....