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Rear Brake Dust Boots

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  • slomove
    From an answer web site (but I tried it in a similar fashion and it worked):
    Put the boot into the caliper body and make sure the lip is seated into the grove evenly.

    then press the piston against the boot as close to the caliper body as possible without actually pushing it into the caliper.
    Then blow air into the brake line fitting hole.
    This will cause the boot to stretch around the piston evenly without pulling the seal from the caliper body. This takes some practice and is easier with the caliper held in a vice . You will need to try varying the air pressure and it takes a little practice to get the piston centered so the boot doesn't hang up on the piston but once you get it it is real easy to do.

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  • Rick
    started a topic Rear Brake Dust Boots

    Rear Brake Dust Boots

    Help! It seemed like a good idea to replace the 20-year-old rubber bits on my rear brakes, but I've yet to figure out how to reinstall the dust boot between the piston and the caliper bore. I'm sure there's a trick to it, and any hints will be gratefully accepted. Thanks! --Rick (that red '91 crossflow in Irvine)