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Minor registration update to stop spam.

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  • Minor registration update to stop spam.

    Since spambots have started to show up on this forum, I've activated one extra step in the registration process.

    When registering, you must now visually identify the letters and numbers in a distorted bitmap and enter them in order to activate your account. This will block out the vast majorities of automated account registration attempts.

    Sock256 and his IP address (hosted by Vietman Posts and Telecommunications) has been banned since he was obviously a bot.

    /Magnus F.

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    Ham has been banned.

    The user ham has been banned since he spammed. (Rhyme day today...)

    This user was registered before I put the updated regisration process was put in place. I'll take care of any additional currently dormant spammers as they pop up.

    It is not too much fun taking on the role of a censor, but the alternative is a site that slowly is taken over by non-Caterham spam messages.

    I'll only remove accounts that are obviously only used for automated spam distribution. Fellow seveners who want to promote their Seven products and/or services are more than welcome to do so in the Wanted/For Sales section.

    /Mangus F.