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A very nice addition has been made to the site.

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  • A very nice addition has been made to the site.

    First of all, I've upgraded our forum software to the latest release. There were a few nasty security holes in the version we ran previously.

    I've also located and installed a photo album add-on that allows any registered user to easily upload his or hers images to a gallery hosted in the forum.

    To view the album (and maybe add a pic or two) click on the new "Album" link in the menu top right of this screen.

    You will then be presented with three categories: Racing, Blats and Mechanical. Click on any of these categories to view the photos in them.

    Click on a photo to get the full view of it (in a new window)

    Each photo can be rated from 1-10, and also commented.

    Feel free to upload your own pics.


    You can also upload pictures into your own personal photo album on the site:

    At the bottom of the three categories described above, there is a fourth option allowing you to view "Users Personal Galleries" and "Your Personal Gallery". In the latter you can upload your own personal pictures.

    It is in these galleries that Brad will post pictures of himself that will get me, as a webmaster, in trouble with the law.


    The settings are quite open now with very little restrictions. If I see abuse I'll tighten the system until I see submissive obedience from every single member. I am sure that Gert and I can work out a reasonable Swedish/German policy between the two of us.


    Oh yeah, in anticipation of Brad's onslaught of pictures, I've ordered an upgrade from 200Mb to 750Mb diskspace.

    I will transfer the old photo album to the new setup during the next couple of days. Videos, chronicles and resources will remain in their current place.

    Report problems as a reply to this post.

    Have fun!

    /Magnus F.

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