FYI - the website is doing strange things, at least for me.

1. I am unable to upload images, (only .jpg tested). I tried this with both my normal log in ID and a test ID. I used images successully uploaded in the past. Today with my test ID it said the .jpg image wasn't a valid image file. If I try to upload from my regular account I get ' Imageinfo Failed:
PHP Error: The function exec() has been disabled' Note that others seem to be able to upload OK so maybe something is wrong with my images.

2. New users are asked a couple of questions and sent a verification email. After that they still need a moderator to accept them. I've been doing this.

3. In the last week or so, two new members have registered. When I went to the admin panel to accept them they weren't there.

4. Today we had another new member listed so I checked the Admin panel and the newest guy is listed as well as the two from last week.

I know you're swamped with real work so at your convenience.