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  • Speedometer drive

    Not counting the gear selector lever and shift knob, I have only the following loose parts: the reversing switch, the speed sensor, and the brass "top hat". I have attached photos of the speed sensor and top hat below.

    Are they supposed to attach to each other somehow? The brass fitting does not thread into the sensor, though it looks like it could.

    Is there supposed to be a circlip supplied? I can't find it.
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    Sorry, I don't recall. I do remember that it seemed to go together in a way that did not seem very secure!
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      The brass fitting is held to the transmission by a snap ring.

      Then the speedometer sender should screw onto the brass fitting with the square drive bit fitting into the mating part in the transmission.



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        I found the circlip - it was in a different bag than the speed sensor and the brass fitting (?).

        A Blatchatter informed me that the internally threaded part of the speed sensor should slide down towards the brass top hat, allowing the threads to engage. It feels well and truly fixed in place on mine, and I had been hesitant to force it down, but...

        Oh well, worst case is I break it and have to get another one! :D
        It just took so long to get all the elements for the car, now that I finally have everything I've been really apprehensive about breaking something.

        edit: I took pliers to it, and the threaded sleeve now slides down so it can be threaded on to the top hat. Dang, it was jammed on there!
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