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Radiator Question

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  • Radiator Question

    I'm in the process of installing my new radiator (the race version radiator), I also purchased the larger fan.... but have run into a problem, I can get the fan and clamps to fit properly.
    Anyone with the same radiator and fan assembly with with some suggestions?


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    Did you purchase the race fan kit from Caterham (I think it's part number CF01 or something like it)? I have the 3 pass radiator, it was a straight plug and play. The race fan, according to the parts dept. at Caterham UK, is NOT a replacement for the stock fan. It goes on the front of the radiator (the grille side) and draws air into the radiator to compensate for air flow loss from racing in a pack. So you would have 2 fans, one forward of the radiator, one aft. Of course, I could be wrong-wouldn't be the first time today.
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      Hey Brad,

      Yeah, it's the race fan set up from RMSCI.... I tried to install it today and the nose wouldnt go on all the way so I removed it. The fan is almost twice the cubic inch size of the stock unit.... I thought it was a replacement for the stock fan.... I think I may try to return the item to RMSCI and stick with the stock unit.