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engine hoist rental in san jose

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  • Elv15
    engine hoist


    You can use a rental unit, but they are much more difficult to use than a standard version.

    You are welcome to use mine. Call me if you want to come get it. It's broken down so you could fit it into a smaller vehicle. I also have a load balancer which is very handy for adjusting the attitude of the motor as you are lowering it into place. :)

    I bought mine off of ebay and it included delivery which is nice because they are pretty heavy.

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  • Sean
    started a topic engine hoist rental in san jose

    engine hoist rental in san jose

    Anybody know of a place? :confused:

    Maybe I'll just buy one - the light-duty ones aren't that much.
    Last edited by Sean; December 27, 2007, 01:54 PM.