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Rebuilding front hubs

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  • Rebuilding front hubs

    First a simple question. Seems obvious, but I don't want to break anything. There is a cap in the center of the front hub. I assume you put a screwdriver or something in the hole in the center and pry it off to get to the hub bolt? I tried with moderate pressure and it didn't give. I can't get a visegrip to take purchase on the outer rim. I have new hubs, but not new center caps, so I'm just being cautious.

    Second, I have the grey AP brakes. The metric wrenches didn't fit right on the calipers, and a 5/8" was a little sloppy. Are these a British SAE? I had a set of wrenches for my Triumph, but no longer have them.

    BTW, notice all the rust! At some point I'm going to need to take apart most of the suspension and do some cleaning and painting.


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    Any way you can grab on to the dust cover that works.

    I've used a screwdriver and hammer, (gently) , large channel lock type pliers to grab them, or a slide hammer with a screw into the center hole.

    If you are putting in the upgraded front stub axles and hubs, they don't use the dust cap anymore.



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      Thanks, Doug!

      I am putting on the new aluminum hubs with sealed bearings. The new spindle is tapered, not as much as the old one, but all the new bearings have the same I.D. I can't figure how this would work, since when it all goes together the outside bearings I.D. is much too large for the spindle. Think I have the wrong bearings or spindle?

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        From Blatchat, just the other day

        This was recently discussed as part of a thread in the Tech Talk section of Blatchat with the title, "Front hub bearing cap, why the hole? (it's a vent). You may find some useful info in that thread.

        edit -- I was referring to the cap question, not the bearing question. Unfortunately I cannot help with that one.
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          Oh, being a bit dense here. The tapered end goes towards the car. Now it makes sense.


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            Magnus, Michael Murphy, and Clark Taylor have all done this upgrade.

            Check for Magnus' post on the installation and/or send a private message to any of above if you need help.

            I've also removed the dust covers by just wacking them with a soft mallet. Sort of directing the blow to move it out. It worked but may dent the cap a bit.

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              RMSCI set me straight. The order is :

              thin washer
              thick washer

              Now to just get the old spindle out - quite a job.
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