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CHP speeding ticket

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  • CHP speeding ticket

    A friend snagged one yesterday which he thought was a bit bogus. Any suggestions on how to fight/beat it? All replies will be much appreciated. TIA.

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    How about that? Even with money back guarantee ;-)

    I have no idea if that is a scam or real.

    When I got my last ticket I just paid and shut up. But I got my reward on the PNW2007 tour when I passed a camouflaged police car at maybe 20-30 mph over limit and just got an angry tirade and a warning :)


    P.S.: A colleague was lasered in Arizona supposedly doing 105 mph (on a 65 mph freeway). He kept bugging the prosecuting state attorney with request for training records, calibration records, personnel documents on the police officer etc. until they gave up.
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      Dr Gert, Thank you very much, that shoud do the trick. Brad