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  • Wheel stud size

    I don't have my 2003 SV here at my house, what is the wheel stud size?

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    I'm fairly sure they are M12 x 1.5. - I just checked the ones I have and that is correct.

    If you are looking for new ones the best source is Caterham UK direct. They have the correct spline sizes and length. The same ones fit the SV and Standard.

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      on this topic, how long should the wheel studs be? my lugs show plenty of unused threads, but i get 7 FULL turns till they are torqued down. the guy i had do my alignment questioned the stud length when he looked over the acr, but the exposed lug threads never made a serious impression on me.
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        The proper length depends on the wheel you are using. If you are asking how many threads does the nut need to engage the stud - that depends, do a seach on Google for 'nut bolt thread engagement' and you'll find out more than you want to know.

        From what I read, the stud should fail before the threads strip, if the stud protrudes above the nut a couple of threads, or is at least flush it should be OK.

        The stock length from my 2001 DeDion is 31.5 mm. I believe this is the same for the SV. .

        This length is fine for the stock wheels which have a counterbore for the lug nuts.

        It is barely long enough for my Kodiak wheels and I am replacing them with new studs from Caterham that are 40 mm long.

        This is measured 'under the head' and does not include the thickness of the 'head'.

        If you buy the upgraded front hubs they come with the longer studs and I think they are stock on newer cars.

        I read on Blatchat that the aluminum hubs are not tolerant of pressing studs in and out too many times. No personal experience with this yet.