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    I've just fit, not fully torqued down, my new Fidanza flywheel and see that the starter gear, when it moves out to engage, will not meet the ring gear on the flywheel. It's short by about a quarter of an inch.

    It seems too much trouble to return the flywheel if I can find a starter with a larger diameter gear.

    Does this sound possible? Are there other starters available?

    Scott E

    PS It's a 2.3 Duratec and 5 speed.
    Last edited by Scott E; August 20, 2007, 04:37 PM.

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    May I ask how much your clutch setup weighs with flywheel, clutch and pressure plate?

    The exige setup I have is at 25 lbs, which is a bit on the heavy side for my liking....

    /Magnus F.


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      Does the starter not reach the ring gear or is the axis of the ring gear too far from the axis of the flywheel?

      Is the Fidanza flywheel the same diameter as the old one?



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        I have a lightened flywheel (actually lighter than the exigy one I installed). It's yours for a nominal fee if you can't get your fedanza setup to work.

        /Magnus F.


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          What is the diameter, not incl. teeth? How many teeth?

          My old, heavy, flywheel measures 285 mm and has 217 teeth. The new one, Fidanza, is 281 mm and has 112 teeth. The new one seems to match the Focus spec.

          Scott E

          PS I've got a Focus starter now and it looks like it's going to work out.
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