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    Hi there, I have been experimenting with the seating position inside my Birkin for a while now and have not come up with the right answer. I was able to drop myself down about 2 inches by taking out the rails and pulling the center section from the lower seat and adding some firm foam (hips to wide). I have also taken the lower side flanges off the Bikin stock seats. I fit great with nothing for side support for my hips and legs. I am 6'2" and I was having vision issues with the top of the wind screen. Does anyone out there know of an off the self low profile seat? I have looked at the Caterham seat lowering kit and it is not for me as I encounter large rocks and road crap where I dive. I don't need an ass changing moment :)

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    If you are still using the stock seats and have cut out the sliding rails that is about as low as you can go without lowering the floor. The only option remaining to improve visibility would be what Bernie Long did, i.e. cut off the to half of the windscreen, or install Brooklands or go for an aero right away. Obviously that means driving with some head and eye protection or even with a helmet.

    I suppose Stan will chime in any minute because he is your height and solved the issue by lowering the floor.



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      Hi Scott,

      Yes, the stock Birkin seat setup is equivalent to a medieval torture device for tall people. I found the only way for me to get comfortable was to lower the floor 2 1/2 inches and use a race seat (Ultrashield). I tried the Ultrashield seat without lowering the floor, and while it was a big improvement, I was still looking through the top of the windshield. Another benefit to lowering the floor is that I now sit several inches below the stock roll bar.

      Even with the lowered seat, my sump guard is still the lowest point under the car. I used slightly thicker aluminum sheet for the floor, and the seat is also very thick aluminum so I feel there is plenty of protection if I hit something (which hasn't happened).

      I modified my Ultrashield by cutting the side panels way down to give more hip room. The widest seat you can fit in the Birkin is 15 inches which really limits your aftermarket seat choices.

      Another possibility is making your own seat with the two part foam and bead kits that are sold at some of the online race warehouses (Pegasus has them). It won't look that great, but it will fit you like a glove!

      Good luck, and let us know what you come up with.



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        Thanks guys for the info. I bought a seat and it fits great.
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