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Fuel pump question

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  • Fuel pump question

    I'm replacing my fuel pump and filter this weekend with new units. They are inline, mounted outside the fuel tank. I noticed that the old pump and filter are hooked up so the filter is inline after the pump, but I remember reading somewhere that it is best to put the filter before the pump so that it protects the pump too. Any opinions?

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    No real opinions, but considering that so many regular cars (and Caterhams) have their pumps mounted inside the tank, before the filter, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    You will have an easier job to replace the pump than I did.

    /Magnus F.


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      Originally posted by magnusfeuer

      You will have an easier job to replace the pump than I did.
      Yes, it looks like it should be easy (famous last words).

      Woody mounted everything nicely, with the pump and filter clamped to an aluminum plate, which is bolted to the bodywork with rubber isolation grommets. The new pump and filter have the same size tubing inlets/outlets as the old so should be a straight forward swap. I will probably get new hose to be on the safe side.



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        I got Woody's pump kit with the high pressure filter, too. But when I mounted that I put another cheap in-line fuel filter in a metal can from Autozone into the sucking hose. No specific reason but I was concerned about possible foam degradation and breakdown over time in my fuel cell. Costs you only a buck or two.



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          Even in-tank units have some filteration at the pickup line