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    What's the best thing to do here? In the good ol' days I used to botch a camera mount to the roll bar with some zip ties and bang on a nice 10lb 8mm cine......Ha! If I don't want to spend big bucks - and I already own a decently small camcorder, where can I find a mounting bracket?

    Cheers again.


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    For a full-blown camcorder there are very solid 3-D adjustable mounts for the roll bar, e.g. from Pegasus Racing with rubber damping elements for about $100. I used to have one but sold it after switching to a bullet cam (with the camcorder in the boot.



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      Our roll bar camera mount for a handheld camera has an elastomer bushing, isolating high frequency vibrations from the camera. Easily adjustable, and comes with the SCCA required security strap.

      Al N lent me this one over the weekend at 7-7-7. it should be fine with a small camcorder. i'm using a sony vx2000, which is comparatively huge with its weight spread out over about 10". on my camcorder u could see some vibration.

      I just recieved the Billet mount from wholesaleracerparts and will try that out at sunday's autoX. i'm not holding out muh hope for better results with my camcorder.

      what i have used with good results is a Cinekinetic marsupial bag. i used it on the saurday, and it produced spectacular results when it was tied and bungeed down across the boot.

      with a smaller 'normal' sized camcorder, the rollbar mounts should be fine, but with my monster

      something that has more cushioning and weight bearing surface may be neccessary.
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        If you use a camcorder directly, you may want to look for a protective front glass (sky filter or polarization filter or similar). Even my tiny bullet cam catches bugs on the road and small rocks and rubber on the track. You surely don't want this to smear or pit the lens of an expensive device.

        When I still had my old Sony TVR17 DV camcorder on the roll bar with the Pegasus bracket it took great video but was somewhat sensitive to jolts. Going over the rumble strip sometimes caused the video to skip. With the camcorder in a padded bag in the boot this is no issue.