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socket set....Metric?

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  • socket set....Metric?

    OK - so If I'm going to drop some cash on a decent socket set, should I go Metric or Inches? I know there are set out there that offer half and half but what good is that if I'm only going to use 50% of my tools...?

    Any suggestions?

    Mine is a '02 Caterham.

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    My 2001 Caterham and most of the ones I've worked on have both.

    I don't know about the crossflow but the Zetec and Duratec engines, as well as the T9 and diff are metric.

    The chassis in inches, except where it is metric.

    You will need both inch and metric sockets and wrenches too.

    I would look for a set of inch sockets and wrenches up to 3/4", maybe wrenches up to 1". Metric sockets and wrenches up to 19mm.

    There are a few larger size metric for the rear axle nut (41mm) and front ball joint nut (22 mm I believe). I've bought those separately for the specific task.

    I also have some 1/4 inch drive sockets in metric up to 13 mm and inch up to 1/2". These are lighter and easier to use in close quarters for the smaller bolts and nuts

    You may need all of the above sockets in both regular and deep well. Spark plugs are usually 13/16" or 5/8" deep and a special socket works best - with a way to hold the plug.

    Home Depot has some sets that aren't too expensive but the one by me has a poor selection of individual sockets. Craftsman from Sears are OK too.

    Snap on the best but much more expensive.

    I cannot recommend the really cheap Chinese sets as they break when you need them most.

    At least they don't have Whitworth too.

    Don't forget the Allen wrenches too, in both inch and metric.

    If you work on the brake lines, you should have tubing wrenchs of the correct size. If I recall at least the rear brake lines have one end inch and the other end metric just for diversity.

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      Doug is spot on. for a Caterham, u'll need everything. a medium size craftsman set is a good start. If u can get into costco with someone, the Crescent set may be a good bang for the buck option and then u can buy the odd bits thru harbor freight or northern tool.

      i do like my ratcheting box wrenches.
      2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green