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Source for Jenvey intake in U.S.

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  • Source for Jenvey intake in U.S.

    I'm having my 2.0 liter Zetec rebuilt by JBA in San Diego, and am looking for a Jenvey intake. Anyone know the easiest way to get one?

    It will have bigger valves, a different cam recommended by David Laird, 10:1 compression, forged pistons and rods, ARP bolts, baffled sump, and now maybe a new intake (current is stock). They've had the car for over a month, and I'm eager to get it home, so I don't want to slow the process too much. But, since I'm paying for the dyno time, I may as well do it right. I just don't know how long it will take to get an intake.


    Justin Heil

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    Check first with Woody Harris at MSI in Vacaville.

    Woody Harris
    742 East Main St.
    Vacaville, CA 95688

    Or check the where to buy section on Jenvey's website.

    I believe they also do an intake manifold for the Zetec.



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      Justin, can you post back here what you find out? I was planning this upgrade to Jenvey's in the near future too (group buy?). Thanks!
      (mine's a 2.0 Zetec also)


      Edit - Doug's link shows that Lance Hayward Performance in Washington state is the US distributor, but I bet Woody can still get them.
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        Doug and Stan,

        Thanks, I'll call on Monday and let you know what I find out.



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          Be sure not to order anthing wider than 45mm. And go for 90mm airhorns.


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            Greg at JBA had already talked to Woody at MSI and it looks like he has the stuff in stock! The only problem is that with the 90 mm airhorns there may be some fitment issues - requires a bigger air cleaner and box, and maybe a bigger hole in the bonnet. Is this what you did, Brad?




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              I opted for the bigger hole in the bonnet figuring that the motor would prefer cool air from the outside. A better reason is that the motor will perform much better with LONG airhorns, as opposed to short weeny ones.

              ITG made my airbox. At one time they made air filtration systems for about half of the F1 teams, so I figured that they were almost good enough for my 7. They make a backplate (to which the airbox attaches) that is designed for Jenvey TBs on a zetec just so that you won't have to reinvent the....

              Mine cost about $200 delivered from the UK. Likely worse now with freight and a less favorable exchange rate. At one time there was a dealer in Orange County so that may be a better way to go. Woody is also likely to have a useful opinion. Good luck!!


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                I got the ITG filter together with all the other junk (TBs, pressure regulator, filter & pump kit) from MSI. They re-drilled the mounting holes for the filter backing plate upside down to avoid clearance issues with the bonnet (but maybe that is only a problem with a Birkin?). I did not need a surge/swirl pot because that is integrated in my fuel cell......which is leaking right now :(

                If you put it all together yourself for a carb retrofit you will need a high pressure fuel pump and filter, regulator and fuel return line to the tank (or swirl pot).