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SCCA Conversion Possible???

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  • SCCA Conversion Possible???

    I have a Superlight R with a 207HP Zeetec, 6 speed, Tillet seats, 6-point belts, and an FIA bar.

    Any thoughts or comments on converting the car for SCCA road racing and what class it might run in? I assume that it is as simple as modifiying the car to accept the Caterham SCCA cage, adding a kill switch, and getting a log book.

    I know the SCCA Caterham kit runs 185HP and is much heavier yet the one car that runs in my region clobbers the GT2 and most GT1 cars despite the fact that it is a couple of classes below that.

    We wrecked our SCCA race car this weekend at a race in NM so I either need to press the Caterham into race duty or sell it to help fund a Formula car purchase as the wreck came at a bad time financially....such is racing!

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    Well, after some extensive checking, it is pretty clear that this can not be done so I have answered my own question!