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Simple Wiring Question

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  • Simple Wiring Question

    I have a simple question regarding the wiring in the Caterham, hopefully it's not a dumb one, but I'll ask anyway.

    The Brown Wire that charges the wire harness, does that wire connect directly to the battery or somewhere else? example the starter or alternator?

    I took my car for a 25 mile drive today, had a great time, the Nissan 300zx that was trying to pass me never had a chance, whether it was off the line or in turns.... I did realize one important fact today.... I need eye protection since I'm using the wind deflector in place of the windshield.

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    Next time let me know and I'll go on a drive with you. Two cars are more than twice the fun of one.

    If you mean the fairly heavy brown wire, it goes to the + side of the battery. From there it goes to the ignition switch and to power the fuse box.

    I sent you a wiring diagram.



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      As far as the next drive, yeah, I'll let you know.... probably in a couple of weeks. I took/drove it to church today to show off to afew of my friends.... one friend took several pictures of the car, gonna post them as soon as he emails them to me.

      The heavy brown wire, yeah, that's were I attached it.... do you have your electric fan connected or are you able to run the car without the fan? seems that one item draws a lot of amps from the electrical system.... or in my car it's pulling power from the battery.


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        You can run without the fan as long as you keep moving :)

        I drove home one day from Santa Monica in horrible stop-and go-traffic with a broken fan switch. Every time the traffic stopped the temperature slowly crept up to the scale end at 120C. I ended up zigzagging for 2 hours on residential surface roads for most of the way just to keep moving.

        Oh yeah, that was driving home from my rear-ender accident. Memories.....



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          The fan is connected to the thermal switch in the radiator. There should be two spade connectors up front to hook it up.

          I don't recall if your car has the switch or not.

          I'll send a foto.



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            I'm off to Infineon the weekend of June 30th so cannot make the drive then.

            Before or after may be possible.

            Early AM is best.