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    In a moment of madness brought on by being confined during a layover to a Luxembourg hotel over a rainy Christmas season I decided that I had to build a new engine for my Seven. Actually, I started a Google search intending to only to find a red valve cover and one thing led to another, and, well, you know...

    The basis for the engine is a 2.0L Zetec sporting a pair of Kent Cam's Focus2 camshafts. I plan on using new cam followers and couldn't help but notice that the Kent units cost $40, while the Ford OEM lifters are about $16. I am, of course, inclined to go for the cheaper choice but...W. Edwards Deming pointed out that, "Prince without a measure of quality has no meaning." I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these cam followers.

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    I seem to recall reading about some Zetecs with aggressive cams needing different followers. Larger diameter with mods to the head required. This is about all I remember and it could be completely wrong.

    Best to ask Kent what the difference is. If they are a custom size that will easily explain the difference in price.

    Are they hydraulic or solid?



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      When I had my cylinder head/manifold ported and new cams, springs, retainers fitted the engine builder (Barry Sales, PHP Race Engines, Wauconda, IL) insisted also on getting new lifters. The old Ford stock lifters looked still pretty good to me but Barry was firm about it. I bought all parts from Kentcams through Burton Power and shipped to Barry.

      My ZX1 lifters are hydraulic which tend to be more expensive than solid ZX3 lifters but in 2005 they were about GBP 7 each or GBP 109 for the set. So I don't know why the solid tappets should now be 40 bucks each. A little too much inflation.....


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        Cam Followers

        Thanks for your input. After reading your replies, I called Kent Cams in England to find out what the difference between the Kent CF66 (required for the Focus2 Cam) and the stock Ford tappet.

        In terms of diameter they are identical. However, Kent pre-supposes the cam follower has a shim in the top which may be ejected by the new cam lobe hitting the edge of the lifter. The Kent unit comes with a 5mm shim that fits on the stem inside the follower. You machine the shim to the size you need to get proper valve clearance.

        My existing cam followers don't have shims. They are individually sized to insure the correct valve clearance.

        I had a chat with the machinist working on my cylinder head, and he is confident that the stock Ford lifter is adequate to my needs. We'll machine the valve stems to a uniform size, measure a cam follower to get the correct tappet size and then make a trip to the local Ford dealer.

        Thanks again for your comments.