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  • Fuel filler experiences

    Has anyone here experienced difficulty refuelling with the alloy fuel filler fitted?

    I'm leaning towards the alloy one because it doesn't lock, so no key to lose/replace, but I've read on BC of U.K.'ers sometimes experiencng increased difficulty refuelling with the alloy unit -- thought it might not be an issue here because I'm guessing that the refuelling nozzles at gas stations are probably different than those at petrol stations.

    The other question is: Do I need to fix the reverse light and fog light on the rear of the car? I would think yes and no respectively, but I'm not sure.
    EDIT: Yes, my car is required to have "one or more backup lamps". No, my car is not required to have "not more than two red fog taillamps", but it may have if desired.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    - Sean

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    I found the answer to the reverse light and rear fog light questions by searching the CA Vehicle Code at, if anybody's interested:

    Applicable section of the CA Vehicle Code pertaining to reverse lights:
    24606. (a) Every motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, of a type
    subject to registration and manufactured on and after January 1,
    1969, shall be equipped with one or more backup lamps either
    separately or in combination with another lamp. Any vehicle may be
    equipped with backup lamps.
    (b) Backup lamps shall be so directed as to project a white light
    illuminating the highway to the rear of the vehicle for a distance
    not to exceed 75 feet. A backup lamp may project incidental red,
    amber, or white light through reflectors or lenses that are adjacent
    or close to, or a part of, the lamp assembly.
    (c) Backup lamps shall not be lighted except when the vehicle is
    about to be or is backing or except in conjunction with a lighting
    system which activates the lights for a temporary period after the
    ignition system is turned off.
    (d) Any motor vehicle may be equipped with a lamp emitting white
    light on each side near or on the rear of the vehicle which is
    designed to provide supplemental illumination in an area to the side
    and rear not lighted by the backup lamps. These lamps shall be
    lighted only with the backup lamps.

    Applicable section of the CA Vehicle Code pertaining to rear fog lights::
    24602. (a) A vehicle may be equipped with not more than two red fog
    taillamps mounted on the rear which may be lighted, in addition to
    the required taillamps, only when atmospheric conditions, such as
    fog, rain, snow, smoke, or dust, reduce the daytime or nighttime
    visibility of other vehicles to less than 500 feet.
    (b) The lamps authorized under subdivision (a) shall be installed
    as follows:
    (1) When two lamps are installed, one shall be mounted at the left
    side and one at the right side at the same level and as close as
    practical to the sides. When one lamp is installed, it shall be
    mounted as close as practical to the left side or on the center of
    the vehicle.
    (2) The lamps shall be mounted not lower than 12 inches nor higher
    than 60 inches.
    (3) The edge of the lens of the lamp shall be no closer than four
    inches from the edge of the lens of any stoplamp.
    (4) The lamps shall be wired so they can be turned on only when
    the headlamps are on and shall have a switch that allows them to be
    turned off when the headlamps are on.
    (5) A nonflashing amber pilot light that is lighted when the lamps
    are turned on shall be mounted in a location readily visible to the
    - Sean


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      M. Murphy and I both installed the alloy fuel cap.

      At one time there were some issues with the filler fitting deep enough in the neck but they changed the design slighty. The caps we bought can be locked but I never do. Too many stories of the owner getting to the track and finding out he had forgotten the key.

      We also removed the flap that is inside the neck that prevents the wrong type of nozzle from being inserted. Easy to do if you remove the neck and carefully grind out the spot welds.

      You can see in the 2nd photo where I cut out the restrictor. I believe they made one or all of the four cuttouts a bit larger so the filler would fit better. If only one it should go at the 12 o'clock, the difference if any is slight.

      The filler will not stay in by itself you do need to hold it in place.

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        Wow, thanks for the quick reply, Doug! Knowing in advance to grind off the flippy-flap doo-hickey is exactly what I was looking for - gotta be more fun to do without those pesky gasoline fumes wafting around (though maybe not as challenging!).

        Poor choice of words on my part about the locking; I should have worded it more like, "the alloy unit doesn't require a key to be removed" or something. Anyway, what I meant was that is the only functional difference between the two AFAIK.

        It would be nice if the nozzle didn't have to be held in place while refuelling, but then the tank only holds a few gallons anyway... :)
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        - Sean


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          Is anybody ever going to check on the reverse lights in the course of the registration process? I broke a wire off the reverse switch a long time ago and it never came to my mind it is missing. I am probably not going to fix it anytime soon.


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            Is anybody ever going to check on the reverse lights in the course of the registration process?
            The brake n light inspection place I took my car to did. But basically the whole thing was very casual, partly due to the fact that the place was populated w/ some old whitey hot rodders. He even aimed my headlights, which promptly (about a day later) became un-aimed due to the fabulously stupid design. Not that I care - I took them off just after taking off the reverse light.

            The reverse light doesn't matter so much on the road (nor do the missing headlights and front turn indicators evidently, if my experience to date is any indication :-O) but leave the license plate light on the car to avoid unwanted police attention. Cali cops are kind of used to old-looking hot rodish kind of cars - don't worry too much sez I.
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              I have the locking alloy fuel cap and I really have to jamb the filler in there at the gas station. I usually fill it with a funnel and gas cans that I have for our race cars.

              As to the reverse and fog lights, they come on and of in minutes so if you need them to pass inspections, just put them on and then remove them when you are done.