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  • Steering wheel choices

    Trying to select one, and thought I'd ask for opinions/experiences on a few topics.

    280mm or 260mm? (or some other size?)
    I reckon the steering on a Caterham is sufficiently light that the smaller size will be fine, unless it obscures the gauges, but even then there are work-arounds - invert gauges, relocate gauges, etc.

    Round or "D"-shaped?
    My knees clear with ease, so I see no advantage to anything other than round.

    Suede or leather grip?
    I have no experience w/ a suede wheel, but it seems like it would offer superior grip while wearing gloves, but wear out more quickly than leather. Also might feel kinda funky if not wearing gloves (?).

    I don't really care who makes the damn thing as long as it is functional. I would think a lesser-known name might actually be better because some punk might be tempted to steal a wheel with a bright yellow "Momo" logo on it, but that might be less so if it's just "Acme" or whatever (too many Roadrunner cartoons).

    - Sean

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    I have a round, leather rimmed 270mm Alpha from SPA Technique. I love the size and would buy it again. I've also had a suede Momo in another car and although I love the feel of that material, it doesn't wear as well as leather and is harder to clean.

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    2.0L Duratec
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      Mine is suede and a 260 mm MOMO. I might consider a flat bottom or open top if choosing again for leg room and better guage visibility. But it would be MOMO and suede for sure. Suede probably does not wear as well but I really like it and will replace it if necessary. Doesn't feel funky to me. Get the quick release and take it with you when you park the car; great anti theft technique. That implies that you should get the one that is removable.


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        I got a suede SPA wheel (I believe 270mm?). It is just great with gloves and does not feel funky with bare hands. Actually feels quite nice. It does tend to get grimy over time but after a god rinse and brush with water, well drying and a subsequent scrub with a suede brush it is like new.

        BUT, for my taste it is very slick with bare hands (I know that is conter-intuitive) and needs much more grip force than a regular leather wheel (I suppose the skin does not "stick" well to the suede). Actually I end up steering mostly with the spokes on long trips. Since I do a lot of road driving without gloves I might change back to leather next time I need a new one.