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  • Lambda (O2) Sensor

    I'm using a MBE 967 ECU and would like to connect a wide band lamda sensor. Are there any recommendations of a sensor to use? Also, is anyone familiar with how to hook it up to the ECU (I know there's one lead going in, but there's a lot of setting for it in Easimap). Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    Normally you have to configure the ECU for the given type of wide band lambda and their voltage curves. I don't know much about the MBE, but the mapping software should have a setup for standard sensors (Bosch etc). Apart from the voltage lead going into the ECU (with ground), there are often power leads for heating the sensor to its operating temperature. The exact configuration varies with the sensor type.

    As an alternative, you can always go for a stand-alone system with a lambda-gauge that you mount on the dash. Almost as good, unless you want to data log the lambda values in conjunction with the other data channels from the ECU.

    I believe that Gert has one of the stand-alone setups.

    /Magnus F.


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      I got the LM1 from Innovate Motorsports, which is actually intended to be a portable unit (installed under dash with a dash gage indicator). In the meatime they came out with the LC1, a bit cheaper and for permanent installation. The sensors work very well. Their analog output is linear and scalable so it should be easy to adapt to any ECU as long as you know what the ECO expects.



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        Contact MBE via:

        As the website doesn't pass URLs you then click on the link 'MBE systems website' which is under the 'Easimap 5' heading. That'll take you to a page contact information. Email addreess is...

        [email protected]

        I've found them to be pretty responsive.

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 works, too.

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            Thanks for the responses. I contacted MBE and they said that they were developing a stand alone lambda, though it wasn't available yet. Looking at their FAQ section it looks like they've been saying this for a while.

            Therefore, I'm thinking of going with the Innovate Motorsports LC-1. Now it's just a matter of trying to figure out how to set it up in Easimap.