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Newbie - JPE's owner, in France

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  • Newbie - JPE's owner, in France

    Hi everyone !

    Please excuse my poor english, I'm a french guy... Excuse me again for not having post this in the introduction section, but it's because I've a question.

    I'm the happy owner of a true and very rare left hand drive JPE. I've creat a web page witch speak about JPEs, mine, and other one. This page include all press article whitch was wroten about JPE, in english, and in french, and several other thing about JPEs (models, history, specifications, etc.). This page is at :

    It is my third Caterham to date. I've owned a 1600 K (ex cup), and then, a beautiful injected HPC, and now, my dream, a veritable Caterham JPE. I am an happy owner, it's a fantastic car.

    I've had a new video, took on track, you'll see it at This video is 76mo for 22min, it's better to save it on your HD and then view it.

    I've a question now : is anyone know or have eard of one or several JPE in USA ? It would nice for me to have contact whith theses owners.

    I wish you all the best !
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    Thanks for checking in Jean. The JPE is the car. The 1st maxed out Caterham. To have one in LHD is Very Cool!

    I don't know of any JPE cars out this way. Perhaps the importer at US Caterham ( might know of some. There's also a long time 7 dealer in Mass. ( might know of some out on the east coast.

    Enjoy that car!:D
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