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Side Exit Exhaust Options?

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  • Side Exit Exhaust Options?

    I am new to the board and the world of Caterham having just picked up a well equipped Superlight R with a 207HP Zeetec and 6 speed.

    I am making some minor changes to the set up and really would like to get a side exit exhaust. I don't need to meet emissions (track car) so this should make things easier. I have looked at the Raceco but they have been slow to answer on shipping costs so I am begining to think that may not happend. The factory exhaust is $955 so I'm thinking that I can do better. I would also entertain something custom as I have a skilled shop but it is hard to find a good looking custom rig, let alone one that doesn't drone!


    Many thanks in advance!

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    You might look at Burns Stainless in Costa Mesa.

    I have only had one simple item made by them but it was a good job done quicky as promised. All done over the phone.

    You might try calling Raceco too. I don't know about them specifically but some of the UK suppliers don't do email well.



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      I have the Raceco and am quite happy. That said, the exhaust is very expensive anyway and the shipping adds a lot. IIRC shipping alone was around $400 (?) for two mufflers and some packing material through our discounted company UPS account.

      But the exhaust is very light, well made and durable. Raceco was also super responsive after I had found a damage on the inner tube. Shipped a new one free within a week. I have repacked it once (i.e. fill up the packing) and it took only 20 minutes.



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        What Gert said. Ammo may be traveling which is why he hasn't contacted you.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          I was down at Burns a couple of years ago in order to check out their product and to get a crack welded in my exhaust. It turned out that they provide the parts, but had an external fabricator who did the actual assembly.

          I went over to the fabricator who fixed my dxhaust in 10 minutes (to my complete satisfaction). He told me that he would be happy to build me a system, which I still haven't gotten around to do.

          Maybe we can get a better price if we order two in one go.

          Brad: Are you interested as well, or are you still going for Ammo's stuff?

          /Magnus F.


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            I finally heard back from Raceco, shipping is $400 for a single system using their shipping account. Frankly, I can't imagine it being much cheaper using my account.

            As to the Burns systems, they look very nice. In fact, if I was withing driving distance, I would already be there! :)

            Seems to me that a merge collector, megaphone and one or two mufflers could make a very nice system. I might be concerned about the noise level of the system though.

            Any more thoughts on the burns system?


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              Ask Ammo for the shipping weight and external dimensions and then check out a few options on this side of the pond. As a data point, FedEx Ground charged about $650 to ship a 75 lb box from the UK to Seattle. Also, for some reason shipping charges from the UK to the US are much higher when billed on that side of the pond rather than when you take care of them from over here. Another thing to consider is They have pretty good prices on such shipments and I have heard some good things about them.

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                I am happy with my header/collector setup and just need the silcener part. I believe that Brad is in the same situation.

                When we have agreed on specs, I can contact them since I drive by Costa Mesa a couple of times every week.

                /Magnus F.


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                  Originally posted by magnusfeuer
                  I am happy with my header/collector setup and just need the silcener part. I believe that Brad is in the same situation.

                  When we have agreed on specs, I can contact them since I drive by Costa Mesa a couple of times every week.

                  /Magnus F.
                  I think I would be very interested in being in on something custom. Not sure how loud their cans are but I think a megaphone coming off the stock collector along with one or two mufflers would probably make for a nice system.



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                    Magnus, I'm interested in a group buy. Please let me know how it pans out.


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                      Hy Tech Exhausts in OC should also be considered as a possible group buy provider.


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                        I too might be interested.

                        Has anyone had experience with the DNA muffler? Several guys on the Birkin list have installed one and like the sound. It doesn't use packing material, just L-shaped internal baffles. The "truck" muffler seems to be the right size for our use:



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                          Time to get some specifications down.

                          Everyone who is interested please list your

                          Engine Type/Displacement:
                          Engine HP (approx): (Y/N)
                          I want a Header (Y/N):
                          I want Collector (Y/N):
                          Want Muffler (Y/N):
                          Collector diameter (for those who just wants the muffler):

                          I'll get a quote from Burns for four or five systems and ask them for the best setup for our given application.

                          We will probably need additional measurements from the non SV:s/Birkins to get the mount points right. I'll drive my SV up there to use as a jig. Can anyone consider using their standard bodied car as a jig as well?

                          /Magnus F.


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                            I just spoke to John at Hytech exhausts, and it turned out that he did all of William Sours' exhausts. John still have all the jigs. Since Hytech have done Formula Ford's Zetec exhausts, I think they know what they are talking about.

                            I will get my car down to him later this week in order to get a quote.

                            /Magnus F.


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                              I need a new collector (so I say: I want a collector) so I can hook up my Shiny New, ahem, TITANIUM (almost exactly like Gert's plywood, gum, GPS and TITANIUM unit:D) Done Been Sitting In The Garage Collecting Dust For Over A Year Silencer. I need a larger outlet side (2.5) than I have currently (2.25). May I take photos and measurements of the current rig and and forward them on to you please Magnus? When are you going down (back behind the curtain)? Given that he made the header he may have something on the shelf.

                              I'll be needing new pipes for the baby in gestation as well. Lemme make a call to Merry Ol and see what I can find out.
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                              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted