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Upgraded radiator.

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  • Upgraded radiator.

    My SV has been having overheating problems on the track since I got it, with or without water wetter. According to blatchat, a part of the problem is that a large amount of air passes on the side of the stock radiator; a problem which can be fixed quite easily.

    Even with this in mind, I've been thinking about getting a beefier radiator for the Duratec since I will probably go for a laminova oil cooler setup which will increase the load on the cooling system.

    Is there an aftermarket unit that can easily be installed in an SV, or should I just give Caterham a call?

    /Magnus F.

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    Before you go spending money be advised that I have had zero cooling issues w/ the Duratec in my car. On the contrary, due to a certain, um, vendor omission the car almost always runs too cool. I can never get enough heat into it on <80 degree days.

    Imo, go w/ the CC HD rad if you need really think you'll need it. It's (relatively) easy to fit after an engine install.
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      Ok. I'll block off the nose cone so that more air is forced through the stock radiator. If I still have problems after that, I'll move on to a larger radiator.

      Thanks for the input.

      /Magnus F.


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        I would agree with Chris; maybe you can devise some tests with strategically positioned temperature probes (remote grill thermometer works well) to identify the root cause of the problem. Besides the radiator it may be anything like
        - bad sensor
        - bad position of the sensor
        - system is clogged somewhere
        - air is trapped somewhere
        - water pump too slow/weak
        - thermostat does not work right
        - thermostat is not well positioned
        - etc.

        You could take the thermostat out altogether for a test and at least exclude this possibility. FWIW I had to drill small bypass holes into the thermostat flange due to the position at the end of the Raceline water rail. Otherwise the temperature was cycling wildly up to 115C.

        I have the Laminova oil cooler and no trouble with coolant temperature, even at Thunderhill in August (although only with a weakly 180 hp engine).

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          Reminds me.... got some Laminova install pics here
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