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    Does anyone know the torque specs for the head bolts on the crossflow motor? I'm in the process of putting my motor back together after pulling it apart to see why my oil turned milky.


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    For such things Blatchat is your friend...and easy to search
    BTW, what was the problem? Maybe the engine builder did not do this properly?
    Not sure if you need new bolts, though.



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    Hello mechanic

    Cylinder head torque after you clean out the bolt holes in the block with a bottoming tap.
    5 steps (6)
    1. Torque down to 7Nm ( 0.7kpm or 5 lbf/ft )
    2. Torque down to 28-42Nm ( 2.8-4.2 kpm or 21-31 lbf/ft )
    3. Torque down to 70-46Nm ( 7.0-7.6 kpm or 52-56 lbf/ft )
    4. After 10 to 20 minutes torque down to
    90-97Nm ( 9.0-9.7 kpm or 66-71 lbf/ft )
    5. At last after 15 minutes at 1000rpm minutes tighten up to
    90-97Nm ( 9.0-9.7 kpm or 66-71 lbf/ft )
    There is no wrong in tighten up again to the same values after 3-500 miles on the road, actually its good doing it.
    All according to Rebuilding and Tuning Fordآ´s Kent Crossflow Engine
    By Peter and Valerie Wallage which book I can recommend

    Bengt Metz
    [email protected]

    Bengt Metz
    [email protected]
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      Reading the title, I thought for a moment that this post should be in the Idle Chat sector:D
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        I'm still note sure what the problem was with the motor.
        I had the head pressure tested and it turned out okay, I've inspected the engine block - top and bottom and there aren't any visible cracks, and the head gasket was okay.
        I suspect after reading the torque instruction, the person, whom use to be a Caterham dealer in Southern California, didnt torque the head down correct.
        I'm putting the head and oil pan back on the motor this weekend and hope the original issues wont resurface.
        I ended up with 2 gallons of milky oil after running the motor for a total time of 15 minute, (2 to 3 minutes at a time).

        Thanks again for the torque information, I'm going to put it to good use.



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          Recommed you use some inexpensive oil for the first test. It should be fine to prove that the head is sealing.

          I also have access to a cooling system pressure tester.

          Good luck and let us know.