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  • SFI Compliant Harness

    I ran into a problem with tech inspection for the upcoming Alfa club track weekend at Willow Springs. The lap belt section of my six point harness is made of two inch webbing. The rules now require three inch. After checking around, the only option I could identify is to have a new harness made by Diest Safety Wear in Glendale (818-240-7866) for about $212. Diest will give me a trade in allowance of about $35 on the old harness. If anyone has any better ideas, I would be interested to hear.

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    A quick google gives: (hint from an IRC channel)

    I use Caterham's four pointer with a crotch strap, which I believe is 3 inch wide. But I haven't mesaured it. Neither do I race that much. - parts catalog - Seats and Safety belts - Second page.

    /Magnus F.


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      I noticed a similar new rule at the Sevens Festival (NASA event). They required 3" harnesses or if somebody had 2" straps only to wear the factory seatbelt in addition. Really strange.

      I got my 5-points from They have G-Force latch-type harnesses around $60 and camlock-types around $110. 6-point a little more. Just make sure you order pull-up type lap belts for a Seven. I did not know better and ordered pull-down. They are very difficult to tighten properly.



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        Oh, forgot someting..... All of the racing harnesses are not DOT approved. Although they are arguably safer then a cheap inertia reel belt they do not really comply with the letter of the US law requiring a one-handed actuation :roll:



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          Does this mean my six point harness will be rejected when I try to register the vehicle in California? I'm in the middle of the SB100 registration process now... what a pain...


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            Harness Approval

            I think that is unlikely. AFIK the SB100 process is more adminstrative and does not check much technical things (I may be wrong). Nobody will probably look for the belts?

            I used to have both the reel belts and the 5-points in my Birkin and took the reels out recently. I hated them dangling out of the side.



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              I wouldn't worry. I registered mine with the standard three point belt but they barely looked at it.

              If you run into trouble, I'll lend you my belts for the registration process. These days I run a full 6 point setup.

              Originally posted by Michael Murphy
              Does this mean my six point harness will be rejected when I try to register the vehicle in California? I'm in the middle of the SB100 registration process now... what a pain...


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                I ran into the width problem in sorting out the belts in my R500 when it arrived last summer. Caterham can supply a 3" six-point set up, with options for pull-up or pull-down lap adjustment - cut to the length to fit you if needed. Rich Kamp and I went through lots of permutations with them before getting the right setup in my car, but everyone was very cooperative because there actually is no universally "correct" setup. I'm sure that Rich remembers the details so you could call him and see if he can get you set up.

                Rich H.


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                  Okay, final question - the Alfa Romeo club tech inspector failed my harness because the submarine (crutch) belt does not pass through the seat. I have a bench seat, and it is not feasible to cut a hole in it. The crutch belt attaches to the same anchor bolts as the lap belt and passes under my legs.

                  However, the guy nominated as the Alfa Club's contact for technical matters (Paul Ellis) said this crutch strap setup is okay. With this conflicting advice, I'm betting that I'll get a clearance at the track. Is that foolhardy?


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                    I'd try to get a fax, email or similar from Paul Ellis and bring it with me to the track to show any pesky tech inspectors.


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                      Had mine teched with the 6 point and had no problem. I've had them teched before and some of the shops are not use to the configuration. As matter of fact most of the shops are more interested in the car than teching it.

                      When there was a problem they just made a note of it on the tech sheet and I had no problem at the track explaining it.

                      One question, is anyone wearing arm restraints while on the track?