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Motor wont crank

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  • Motor wont crank


    Well, I got my car back from the electrian today and everything is wired correct.... the only problem is, when I turn the ignition switch the starter makes a rattling noise - as though it's either not aligned and the starter gear is skipping on top of the flywheel of the started doesnt have the torque to crank the motor.
    Then motor is a 1700 crossflow with a big cam and polished runners.

    The starter is by Lucas with the attached silenoid, anyone have advise they can offer?

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    As I don't know the status before this point a couple of questions?

    Is the battery fully charged? I've had them with enough power to engage the solinoid but only make noise when trying to turn it over.

    Did it work before it went to the electrian?

    If yes to above, is it the correct starter and flywheel?

    Call me if you want to discuss.

    Doug 805-498-7771
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      Hi Doug,

      Prior to going to the electrian, it wasnt making any noise, I wasnt getting current to the starter.... he (the electrian) checked and corrected some of the wiring paths.
      I took off the inspection plate from the bottom of the bellhousing when I got home from work, and this weekend am planning to see if the bendix lines up with the ring gear, also planning on counting the number of teeth on the ring gear.
      Do you have a crossflow or zetec?
      I had the AAA come over and connect there jumper cables to my battery leads and cables, the starter was making the same grinding noise and a thunking noise as though the bendix was misaligned or the wrong item all together.



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        I have a Zetec that is set up like a Crossflow to Zetec Conversion. It was supposed to use the same starter.

        I went to a gear reduction starter so have a Lucas starter that may work if you find out the one you have is not correct.

        There may be info that can assist you here:

        Check under his Xflow to Zetec conversion.

        There are differences in the spacing from the block to the ring gear between the Focus Zetec and crossflow flywheels. My Focus Zetec flywheel has the ring gear closer to the block than my Crossflow conversion flywheel.

        I believe there 135 teeth on both of the flywheels but it's been awhile since I counted them.

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