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  • Where to get a belt?

    In order to comply with NASA regs I need a new 6 point harness. Can any of you gents recommend what works best in a 7 and can be had at a reasonable cost? TIA!!

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    u need a 6? a 5 won't suffice?
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      I would prefer a 6. Is there a big diff in price?


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        Grassroots motorsports magazine has about a zillion advertisers vending belts.


        Automotive Racing Safety Equipment and Supplies

        Auto racing and karting suits, shoes, gloves, underwear, helmets, seats, harnesses, accessories; OMP, Bell, Alpinestars, Sparco, Stilo, Arai, G-Force, and more.

        etc. etc. etc.

        If you've joined NASA you should be receiving a free subscription to the mag.
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          Seven-Point cam-lock from Racerwholesale is $139 (6 and 5 points also available at slightly lower cost)

          I got the 5-points from them and they work well. I will probably change to pull-up belts (7-point) sometimes because I am sick of the pull-down fumbling. I will also ask for a left side cam buckle for the passenger seat to avoid denting the outside skin. Racerwholesale also has all the mounting hardware.



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            Thanks to all for the excellent alternatives. Do any of you think that spending twice as much for Schroth or some similar "name" brand will deliver twice the belt/safety?


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              i have a 5 pt simpson (black short strap) laying around, thats why I ask.
              2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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                I went from Sabelts to Schroths. I won't comment on safety differences, but the Schroth belts are far more pliable and consequently more comfortable for me.

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                  My reasoning on the 6 point is that track scrutineers seem to prefer the mo' is better approach.


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                    Originally posted by Roll a 7
                    My reasoning on the 6 point is that track scrutineers seem to prefer the mo' is better approach.
                    When I discussed belt options with NASA Tech Chief Larry Marsala about a year ago (and posted the summary on this forum) "mo' is better" wasn't necessarily his view. At that time, for HPDE he preferred factory installed DOT 3-point belts. Anything else raised the concern for him of amateur design/installation flaws that might look OK on the surface, but fail in a crash.

                    So he leaned toward applying the racing CC&Rs to anything other than DOT 3-points.

                    Properly constructed and installed 6-points are obviously better than 3-points, and I think that Caterham 6-point Luke belts installed on the Caterham factory mounting points will pass, for example, but it might not hurt to discuss your specific planned installation directly with NASA tech before spending your money.


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                      I am considering the 7-point because I did indeed hear concerns from a senior NASA official about my 5-points at Thunderhill (might have been Mr. Marsala). He just barely let me get on track.

                      His argument was that the antisub belt was installed pulling too much forward instead of downward (because my Cobra seats don't have a hole for the antisub belt). I guess he is right and for now I try to compensate for that by a VERY tight lap belt. However, I am pretty sure that even the current configuration is much safer than flopping around in a roll-up 3-point system (trying to imagine a barrel-roll....).

                      Since I can not cut a hole in the seat I am leaning to the 7-point belts. Then I can keep the forward-pulling middle belt to prevent the lap belt from creeping up and have the 2 side belts pulling back to prevent me from diving under the dash if the shit should really hit the fan. Might also be friendlier to certain body parts than a center mounted anti-sub belt through the seat.

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