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  • Immobiliser question

    I am considering leaving out the immobiliser on my car build currently in progress, figuring if somebody is determined enough to bypass the removable steering wheel and FIA key, the immobiliser will not stop them anyway. Any reason why this might be a bad idea?
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    - Sean

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    Hi Sean,

    I think there is a much worse theft problem in the UK than over here. I have heard of one seven that was stolen - however it was in a trailer (an immobilizer would not have made any difference!!).

    I personally like to have an extra bit of security, but that could simply be a cutoff switch somewhere (cheap, simple and light).
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      After further thought, I suppose you can't have too much security. I sometimes forget that it's been a good long while since Mom and/or Dad would pull into the driveway, turn off the car, and go into the house with the car keys still in the ignition every night.
      - Sean


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        The key (pun intended) question is....

        How much does it weigh:D
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          Do the newer cars have an immobilzer? Mine used a stock Ford ECU and that was all.

          The die cast steering column lock and key mechanism is 1آ½ lbs+ of useless weight.

          If someone really wants to steal the car they will come take it out of your garage on a trailer.

          Generally when I park it someplace for more than a few minutes I might take the FIA key.



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            I put a DB9 connector (as for a serial computer port) into the dash and use 2 of the 9 pins in a plug to close the 12V circuit to the ignition relay. All other pins are ground. If somebody should really guess that the connector is my ignition key they need to find the right 2 pins or blow a hiden fuse. Quite unlikely.

            Since both 12V and ground are on the connector I can also use the "key" as an additional 12V outlet for GPS etc.

            I am with Doug....if any I am more concerned that somebody will vandalize the car or show up at my home with a truck and just haul away. But even that... who will go through that trouble for such an exotic toy that does not even have a real market in the US.


            Reminds me: when I went to the DMV to get my car registered in '03 two scary looking gang banger types stepped out of an old F250 and asked a lot of questions about the Seven, where to get one and how much, the usual stuff. Made me kind of uncomfortable but at that time I did not yet have license plate on to find out where I live. The funny thing was that they would have had to straddle the tunnel with their butt to fit in :)
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