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I Got My SB 100 # !!

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  • I Got My SB 100 # !!

    Thanks to you all for the advice. I was first in line at Escondido. No one else was as determined.
    By 7 AM there was about 10 of us SB 100 hopefuls in line; plus some dealers got through first.
    Most of the other guys were Cobra cars. It looked bleak. Too many applicants.
    It was very tense and slow; but remembering Magnus advice, I was very
    nice and patient. It paid off. I paid my fees and they starting the calling process.

    A tense wait and then I got my number. SUCCESS !

    All the Cobra guys failed to get a number. The DMV office referred them to the CHP first.
    Only me and another Locust builder, Minh, got our numbers. We were 2 happy guys.
    I had gone to the DMV office last week to be sure everything was in order and they knew what to do. But when we got there this morning it seemed like lots of confusion and new or confused rules.
    I had a Kit Car magazine from England that showed my kit. That helped a lot to help them understand what I was doing.

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    Are you building a Caterham or one of the knock-offs?
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      Me too! Number 316

      In Seaside we had a Noble, Shelby Cobra, Beck 550, Dayton Coupe, 1933 Ford, and some others. We all got numbers.

      My Caterham was built by someone else in another state and was reg in that state as a 2000. Now it will be emission exempt! People told me it couldn't be done.

      I still might end up selling it.
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        Capt. Molecule,

        We all have thoughts of selling from time to time...the best cure for this is to get out and enjoy the car. A good blat or trackday makes you change your mind!

        Speaking of Trackdays - I'll be at Laguna Seca this weekend. Care to join us? :D
        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          We all have thoughts of selling from time to time
 we don't ;)

          ...the best cure for this is to get out and enjoy the car.
          Agreed. A good blat is the best cure for just about anything that ails you :)

          Westfield SEiW
          2.0L Duratec
          Throttle Steer


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            What number did you get?

            Do you know why the Cobra guys got sent to the the CHP first? Had you already been? I seem to recall that I got my number first, then went to the CHP. I got mine the first year and things may be different.

            DMV Website says----

            As of January 3, 2007,
            all 500 sequence certificates have been assigned.
            No additional sequence certificates will be available until January 2008


            I assume they only update this at the end of the day.
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              Congratulations to Roger and Minh!! A couple more good guys in the 7 community.

              Roger: Tell us more about your mystery machine. When will we see you on the road?

              Minh: See ya @ the next AutoX. Are you planning to do track days with us?

              Can you guys tell us any more about why the Cobra guys seem to have been rejected? Also, what happened to the dealers and were they trying to register multiple cars at one time (Cobras?)?


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                I got 380

                I got number 380 at 9:40. It looked like they went fast.
                I am not sure why the Cobra guy's did not get their number. They had bought complete cars from out of state. One of the guys had gone through the process last year and missed his number.
                It seemed to me the process was pretty choatic. It looked to be pretty much up to the discretion of the clerk. Me and the other Lotus builder just did not give up and kept showing them our documentation.

                I am building a kit from England. MNR racing. I am using a Zetec engine and the usual T9 transmission and Sierra diff. This car has independent rear susp and inboard front shocks.

                Any body know how to make a cheap intake maniford ? I am going to use fuel injection.


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                  My fuel injection unit was made by Jenvey and is well proven on zetecs and I highly recommend going that route above all others. Jenvey offers a zetec to Jenvey manifold on their website. Weber also has one that works, but their operational status is unclear to me at this time. Try or

                  Minh has built a really impressive BEC in his garage!! Ya gotta hear it...

                  I've seen the MNR 7s on the internet and they appear to be one of the best current alternatives. Lots of good tech stuff at an excellent price. Looking forward to seeing it on the road. How far along is your build?

                  If #380 went @ 9:40 AM the state probably set a new record for giving out the 500. Good job getting one. Sounds like more than a few guys will be waiting another year.


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                    Thanks Tom, Laguna sounds fun but I doubt they will let my car on the track as is.

                    I have just bought some property in Mexico and am planning a house down there. With the cars we have somethings will have to go and others we will have to store. Then again some may be passed on to relatives. I don't think the Seven would make it on Mx roads and it seems like a great time to get a sand rail. :-)

                    We've been very busy in realestate and there doesn't seem to be any let up in the near future.

                    Some of The Cars with Seven AX video at end

                    "Pearl" at Work
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                      In checking with a cobra forum, one of the posts says the out of state cars have to be VIN verified before getting their SB100 number. I believe this is the SB1578 law that allows previously registered cars to get one of the numbers.

                      This is the only reason I can see the Cobra guys got sent away. Unless they just didn't do their research and weren't ready.

                      Venom7 did his this way and may be able to confirm.