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Jan 2 Escondido DMV for SB100 first 500 exemptions. How long will the line be ?

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  • Jan 2 Escondido DMV for SB100 first 500 exemptions. How long will the line be ?

    I am going to the Escondido DMV, Jan 2 to register my Lotus 7 kit under SB100.
    As there are only 500 exemptions available, is the competion for registrations getting fierce and should I expect the line to be long? Do I need to camp out to be first in line ?

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    I cannot say if you need to camp out. This year Venom 7 was there very early but that didn't prevent the computer from going down and causing him to worry. He did get his number.

    Best to be sure all your paperwork is done and be one of the first in line.

    I believe the numbers were gone this year by 11 AM

    Good luck.



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      I got my SB100 number last January in Culver City, there were about 10 people including myself there at 8:00am at the DMV office. Within 2 hours the number were in the mid 200's and I got my number at about 10am. I dont think there is any reason to camp out, but once you get the process rolling (all the paperwork, etc...) dont leave the office without your number.... if things are anything like they were last January, all the numbers will be out by noon.
      When you go to the office, try to talk with the shift supervisor.... they have to call a central office to get the numbers.


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        I'd try to be first in line! Good luck, Roger. Have your ducks in a row.