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Corner weight ?

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  • Corner weight ?

    Just wodering did any one weight their 7 before ? The Book I got for super 7 "The MAGNIFICENT 7" 's data seen to be a bit too light.

    Cause on R500 it weight only 1014LB and SV is 1268LB , Ztec version weight 1170LB

    All those number pretty amazing me. Mabe My 7 is a bit on heavey side(around 1600 with gas and 160LB driver). but it just seen the book spec is list as Dry weight only

    Let me know if my 7 need start loose some weight !!

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    Corner Weight

    While my Beloved Deman SR7 does not qualify as a true "7" (lacking a benediction from the Caterham boys) it does erstwhile weigh in at a fit and trim 985 lbs. ... Hope the info is useful! ... :rolleyes: ... oooo but don't those trousers look tight!
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      Those Caterham numbers sound reasonable. My Birkin with a Zetec with fuel tank just over 3/4 full is about 1235lbs with street wheels and tires, about 1168 on Kodiaks and slicks.