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Dual point distributor set up..

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  • Dual point distributor set up..

    Need help for my Caterham 1981 /ford Crossflw kent/Dual point distributor set up...!!!!!!

    How do I set the points..gauge , each point gauge is different or the same..

    Iam thinking to change to a Petronix ignition...and throw the points to the garbage..!!!!!!1

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    Dear Dual Points

    Sorry but I can't help you personally.
    ...But... If you don't mind linking up to the "dark" side try this link ... :rolleyes:[/URL]. This forum is full of helpfull guys (and gals). There are lots of folks who get down and dirty with cross flows and I'm sure they would love to help out!


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      Hi Tono

      I've tried posting your issue on several differnt posts.
      Here is a link that may be of some help.

      It does look like a good old fashioned "workshop manual" might be in order.


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        Dual point set up

        No problem!

        The points each get set separately. Just make sure that the rubbing block on the points is resting on the top of the lobe on the dizzy shaft. There is a small off-set, so when one set is open fully the second set is not yet open.

        I forget the setting but something around .018" or .019" seems about right.

        If you use a dwell meter, you need to disconnect one set of points, set the dwell on the first pair. Then disconnect the first pair and reconnect the second pair and set that dwell setting.

        All of that being said, I recently converted mine to a Pertronix unit and highly recommend it. One caution though, if you leave the key in the "On" position without the car running for anything longer than 30 seconds you can burn out the trigger unit.

        I did this, and admitted my screw-up to Pertronix and they warrantied it. The caution is in the instructions, but who reads instructions? Right?

        BTW, Pertronix also makes a very nice Rev Limiter which comes in handy, especially if you Autocross the car, since you can't always take the time to check the tach.


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          I second the pertronix converstion. It is well worth it. I used to carry a spare set of points though, in case of the above problem while on the road.
          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            Definitely go electronic! My crossflow had a Crane conversion which I later augmented with an MSD 6AL. The latter was an additional improvement. Smoother idle, and where the engine used to die at 6000rpm, it now pulled strongly to 6500rpm.

            Westfield SEiW
            2.0L Duratec
            Throttle Steer