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From BC: Recall Notice: Dedion Tube (Autumn '05 build)

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  • From BC: Recall Notice: Dedion Tube (Autumn '05 build)

    Saw this post from Caterham Aftersales on Blatchat this morning. Following is a link to the post, and the text of the original post (minus various replies):

    Dear All,

    Recently a dedion tube failed during an Academy race. The end plate sheared off from the main tube, resulting in a rear wheel becoming detached and consequently some damage to the car.

    Obviously, spontaneous failures are of great concern to Caterham Cars and since then we have been working with the manufacturer (Arch) to establish the cause and scope of the issue. As a result, we have identified that a small number of dedion tubes, produced in August and September 2005, may have a manufacturing defect.

    As this is a safety issue, we have instigated a recall programme.

    We have traced all the tube sales (as part of a car, or as a spare) and are in the process of contacting the owners and agents. A number of owners have already been directly contacted to advise them of the situation and anyone else who bought a car last year that could potentially have one of the affected tubes fitted, will be contacted by letter this week and arrangements made for rectification.

    This recall is being conducted within the VOSA Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Defects guidelines and the response rate is being monitored by them.

    I am posting this notice to ensure that club members are kept abreast of important developments affecting owners and that the facts presented to you directly.

    Aftersales Manager

    <end of post>
    - Sean

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    Evidently it only relates to about a dozen academy cars built in 2005. Whew.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      If you go to a link about halfway down the BlatChat post, and then go to page one of that post ( ), it states:

      "Following the failure of the dedion tube to dedion ear joint on my car in Sunday's race (and consequent loss of wheel/hub/brakes and drive shaft), Caterham have now completed their analysis of the failed parts and have advised me that they will be issuing a general recall for around 100 cars fitted with a particular batch number of potentially defective dedion tubes. I believe these are likely to be cars built in the second half of last year although by no means all cars built at this time were affected. The recall will be specific to a certain batch of tubes and will be carried out via the DVLA database of registered keepers."

      I think 13 of them were Academy cars. I'd like to think they will be contacting the US folks if any of those tubes made it over here, but I forwarded this info on to someone here (St. Louis area) who received his Seven in early 2006 just in case.



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        Didn't Mr. Stokes have a problem with his?