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  • LA Local Race shops/suppliers

    I need to get some stuff on Saturday(left it to the last minute) and I'm scouring the net to find a local supplier like Painless or Pegasus. Any ideas?
    Specifically I'm looking for the master battery cut off switch. Open to suggestions. What if we had a list of our favourite links/suppilers on this site?

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    You might try Baker Precision in the Signal Hill area.

    They may even be open Saturday AM.

    Baker Precision - Racecar parts and supplies. Since 1970, now with a complete online catalog - Distributors For Earl's, Aeroquip, Speedflow, NHBB, NMB, Aurora, Fuel Safe, Setrab, Sparco, Momo, Bell, NEO Synthetic Oil

    There is also Hawaii Racing in Simi Valley.

    I'm sure there are others closer to you.



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      If it is just about a battery switch you can get cheap simple ones almost everywhere. If you need one with a ballast resistor contact to not fry you alternator you may need a specialty shop.

      West Marine (Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Marina DelRey) also has a lot of electrical equipment including battery switches.



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        Sweet. Thanks guys.
        Getting the car back on the road; it still has that for sale sign on it but in the mean time. . . .
        I'm off to Simi in the morning to do my work at a friend's place so I'll try Hawaii. Maybe I'll drop by on Mr Ganzer.