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  • Oil Change ?

    Just performed an oil change at 1000 miles. there was a drain plug at the bottom front of the crankcase w/ a drainplug greater than 1" ( i used 30mm socket) and a drainplug on the bottom left side of the that was 1".

    were these both engine oil? in total, i drained ~4.5L of fluid.
    2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green

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    I usually do the one at the side only.
    4.5L is the right amount.

    /Magnus F.


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      At least once after installing the sump you should remove the front plug and and clean the wire screen that is behind it.

      Mine and M. Murphy's screen had a significant amount of dried gasket sealant from the sump installation. About 40 to 50% blockage. Maybe I used too much sealant.

      I believe the main reason for the front hole is they need the access to machine the oil pickup holes.



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        Spoke w/ the Delaware dealer last week. the front opening wasn't meant to be opened. that was oil pickup for the oil pump. the lower hole on the side is the true oil drain.

        I find it a little odd that Caterham didn't go to an allen or torx bolt to keep people away from accidently opening that point. I also foun out to my dismay that the Sierra tranny is a sealed unit, no drain plug.:(
        2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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          I used the front plug to install an oil temperature sender (just tapped a hole in the center) but doing that I found that whoever built the engine crushed the pickup screen to be useless. So, maybe a good idea to check this one.

          As for the side drain plug, this is a pretty soft piece of aluminum on my Raceline wet sump with 1" hex. Although I was using a suitable socket, the hex rounded off after a few oil changes. Somehow the thread galls up in spite of all the oil.

          I finally installed a 3/8" hose barb in this drain plug with a 8" long hose attached and can now drain the oil by simply unscrewing the hose end cap. Takes a little longer to drain but no wrestling the big plug, no oil splattering and I don't need to remove the sump guard anymore for an oil change.